The Artists


Adrià Cordoncillo (Catalunya / França)

Acrobatic balancing, base of hand to hand balancing, banquine and Chinese pole.

Born in 1976, he trained in different national schools in France such as those of Chatellerault, Rosny and Chalons. He left the CNAC with the Tribu Iota. He has formed part of companies such as Baro d’Evel, la Cie. Univers Cyrc Sourcier and with the Cie. XY with the show Le Grand C, which won the City prize of Barcelona 2013. In Catalonia he has participated in the Winter Circus of 2006, the Circ de Sara and with three expeditions of Clowns without Frontiers. He is a member of the Colectivo Tierra.


Maria Villate López (Pais Vasc/ Catalunya)

Shadows, hand balancing and dance. 


Born in Bilbao in 1976, she attends several courses at the Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel. She specialised in contortion and balancing with Claude Victòria and Pascal Angelier, and developed a special interest in contemporary dance (Gustavo Lesgart, Dominick Borucki, Maël Tebibi, etc.) She has taken part in several companies and as a solo artist with numbers she created herself (Into the shadows, Mutaciones de una ex-secretaria) with the participation in GOP variete Germany, Festival Escena Poblenou, Kursaal Manresa, Festival Terrassa, La Central del Circ, APCC, among others. She has also taken part in Clowns without Borders and is a member of the Colectivo Tierra.



Fernando Melki (Patagonia / Catalunya)

Acrobatic balancing; base of hand to hand balancing and banquine


Born in Patagonia, Argentina in 1977, he did his professional training in the Escola de Circ Criollo in Buenos Aires and the Escola Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and specialised in acrobatic balancing with the teacher Pascal Angelier from the Le Lido school in Toulouse. His most outstanding professional experiences in Catalonia 

feature Companyia Le Loop, Circ Cric and Companyia Los2play. He has also 

worked in France with the Collectif AOC and Cubitus du Manchot. He also took part in the 17th Winter Circus, Clowns without Frontiers and is a member of the Colectivo Tierra.


Mari Paz Arango Quiceno (Colombia / Mallorca)

Flier banquine and dance trapeze. 


Born in Medellin in 1979, she moved to Mallorca and then to Barcelona, where she did her basic studies in the Escola Rogelio Rivel, and continued in her specialisation as a hand to hand acrobat in the Moscow school. She later specialised with Yuri Sakalov in Brussels in dance trapeze. She has formed part of Bolna Kist, Aticus Tilt! and Circomsom. She has taken part in festivals such as Fira Trapezi (Reus), TAC de Valladolid, Festival Grec (Barcelona), Festival Internacional d (Rio de Janeiro), Circos (Sao Paulo), among others. She currently forms part of the Cia. Circ Organització Efímera and the Colectivo Tierra.

Letícia García (Catalonia)

Flier hand to hand balancing and banquine


Born in Girona in 1978, she dedicates herself to Gymnastics competition until she graduates in Sports & Physical Education at INEFC, Barcelona. It´s here where, in 2044, she discovers circus and starts working with Circ Cric for two years with her hand to hand act. In 2006 she co-funds the company Los2play, working all around the world with the shows “Come Back” and “Starfatal”. She took part in the 17th Winter Circus “El Dorado” and has also taken part in Clown without Borders.




Edurne Arizu (Pais Vasc/Catalunya)

Accordionist and singer. 


She graduated as an accordionist at the Pablo Sarasate Higher Conservatory of 

Music in Pamplona. She is a graduate of History and Science of Music at the UAB (Barcelona). She studied modern singing in Tallers de Músics in Barcelona and musical theatre in Memory. She forms part of diverse musical and theatre projects as a singer, accordionist and composer: Orquestra de Cambra de Granollers, Orquestra de Guitarres del Liceu, Medea al Festival de Mèrida, Lanònima Imperial along with the trombonist and composer Frederic Filiatre. She currently plays as an accordionist with the band Líbera, of the bassist Giulia Valle, and with her group Durny Sweet, as well as working on her first record with her own songs, called BERLIN. She is a member of theColectivo Tierra.

Sasha Agranov

(Saint Petersburg/Israel)

Musician, violoncellist.


He was born in Saint Petersburg in 1977. He moved to Israel in 1979. He studied violoncello with Hilel Zori at the Music Academy of Tel Aviv. In 1999 he began his studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, studying baroque violoncello with Jaap Ter Linden. He graduated in 2005. He has played in the Early Music Festival of Brezice, the Music Festival of San Sebastian and with the legendary Patti Smith. He has composed music for circus and dance companies such as Lali Aiguade and also for short films such as Nation for Two (Hertog Nadler) or Away (Ae). He is currently a member of Circus Delirium, Selva de Mar and Cacophonic Pictures Orqestar.Celist



Jordi Aspa (Catalunya)



Born in Montseny in 1964, when he was twenty he studied in the circus school of 

Annie Fratellini touring with the Circ Fratellini as a dog trainer and clown. On 

de Circ Meravelles i Varietats”, shortly after “Escarlata Circus” with new back-to-back shows and international tours. From 1997 until 2011, together with Bet 

Miralta, he undertook the artistic direction of the Fira del Circ Trapezi, from its creation until the 15th edition. National Culture Prize from the Generalitat de Catalunya and the 2012 National Circus Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government. He has been the director and creator of inaugural shows, seasonal openings and director of end of course shows of several European circus schools as well as the direction and external observation of diverse shows.