Circus, popcorn and live music. 


F.I.R.A. proposes a dreamlike universe formed by revealing music (original and all played live) and its original play of light. F.I.R.A. is full of nuances and textures that twist around naturally achieving dreamlike moments that are frozen in beautiful images. Using large mirrors, incredible shadows and absurd objects a perfect aesthetic is created so that these unlikely phenomena become likely and emerge from anonymity. Intimate moments and collective chaos, poetic and humorous numbers, admirable images and a precise circus technique are some of the ingredients of this group creation. 


F.I.R.A. is like a kaleidoscope, in that as it turns around it creates new images that surprise and become totally unique until disappearing and turning into the next one. Wonders conceived in the everyday and transformed into stars for a moment, instances of glory, energy and an explosion of poetry.


Indoor show or street night

All publics, recommended from 5 years old 

Length: 1 h